Jeff Mangar has tried 60 jury trials, including 6 murder trials, over his 21-years as a veteran prosecutor. He has the experience necessary to be an impartial but tough judge. Vote for Jeff Mangar on March 3rd.


Meet the President of PMZ’s Residential Division Ben Balsbaugh. He knows that Jeff’s experience and knowledge also include civil law. Hear how Jeff’s real estate broker’s license has helped him work on complex real estate and business transactions.

Meet Brad & Myra Morris. Jeff Mangar helped the Morris family find justice for the murder of their son. Hear how Jeff’s work has helped them through their grief.

Meet Alan Morris. When Alan’s brother was brutally murdered, Jeff Mangar got justice for both Alan and his family. Listen to his story of how Jeff’s diligence and dedication built a solid case leading to a guilty verdict for the murderer.

Meet Deputy Public Defender Marcus Mumford. Though he and Jeff Mangar have argued cases against one another, Marcus believes that Jeff is a professional, ethical and fair attorney who has always respected him and his cases. Hear how Jeff has earned Marcus’s support through his work and experience.